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Antique French Pillows
Antique French Ecclesiastical Fleur de Lis on platinum velvet trimmed in bronze salon.  13" x 29".  email for pricing.  Stock  # 5760320.  email for pricing

     Pair of antique French Aubusson fragments with acanthus leaf motif in red, gold and beige on ecru linen.        11" x 15".  Stock #4071018                                                     Stock  #4081018             email for pricing
Top:  Antique French metallic letter "E" mounted on taupe velvet and trimmed in antique gold galon.      Stock  #3330717.   9" x 15".  email for pricing. SOLD

  Bottom:  Antique French letter "Y" mounted on taupe velvet and trimmed in   antique silver galon.      Stock  #3940718      9" x 14"            email for pricing
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.Antique French Ecclesiastical embroidery on platinum velvet.  Trimmed in antique silver salon.  Feather pillow  measures 13" x 13". #4880719.    SOLD. SOLD

.Antique French Ecclesiastical Embroidery flowers on blush velvet. Trimmed in antique gold galon. Pair.  #6460121. and #6470121 Feather pillows measure 12 x 21.   PAIR SOLD

Below  is antique French Ecclesiastical embroidered metallic quatrefoil motif  surrounding heart motif.  Design is mounted on blush velvet and trimmed in antique bronze galon.  Feather pillow measures 14 x 26.  #6510121. email for pricing.