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Ivory velvet. 9 x 18 
Antique ecclesiastical embroidery cross in center of metallic embroidery is mounted on ivory velvet with antique gold serpentine galon.  Each pillow measures 11" x 20".  
#8520323.    & #8530323.      Email for pricing. 
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Intricate hand done antique French Ecclesiastical embroidery on blue silk.  Piece is framed with antique military galon on white velvet.  Feather pillow measures 10" x 17".  One of a pair.
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​Antique French Ecclesiastical embroidery of Anchor over Cross symbolizes a part of Christian tradition.The anchor is a symbol of  a hopeful, brilliant and happy life.  Piece is trimmed in double row of antique military galon Larger pillow measures 14" x 36".    #8790623
Smaller lumbar pillow with cross measures  12 x 20.   #8740623 &  #8750623

Antique Ecclesiastical metallic embroidery from French vestment featuring a cross motif on silver silk in middle.  Emblem is mounted on Champagne velvet.  Feather pillow is trimmed in antique French galon.   #9090224.          14" x 26"
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French Ecclesiastical embroidery mounted on platinum velvet and trimmed in antique bronze galon.  Feather pillow measures 11" x 19"
Antique French  Ecclesiastical embroidery with floral motif is mounted on terra cotta velvet.  Trimmed in wide antique gold galon.   11" x 19"
#9040124.    &.    #9030124
Bottom pillow SOLD
Antique Ecclesiastical metallic embroidery on light blue velvet is trimmed in antique French gold galon.
Piece is mounted on platinum velvet.  Feather pillow measures 12 x 20.  #9350324    &    #9360324
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Antique French Embroidery from vestment is mounted on lavender velvet with white sides.
Piece is trimmed in antique gold galon.  Each pillow measures 10" x 18".  #9200224.   &     #9210224